Item #231 Abdruck Eins Instruments Sachsischer sprachen. Bernhard HONIGMACHER.
Abdruck Eins Instruments Sachsischer sprachen.
Abdruck Eins Instruments Sachsischer sprachen.
Where's Konrad?

Abdruck Eins Instruments Sachsischer sprachen.

Extraordinary court report of the escalating dispute between Heinrich II of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel and the citizens of the Lower Saxony town of Goslar. It all started when Goslar municipal delegate to the 1530 Imperial Diet of Augsburg, Konrad Dellinghausen, failed to come to an agreement with Heinrich on certain key issues at the Diet. On his way back home to Goslar, Konrad was kidnapped and briefly imprisoned in Schöningen castle. Then he vanished. He was presumed killed. Suspicion immediately fell upon Heinrich and his henchpersons, who evidently had earned a reputation over the years for disappearing their antagonists. More attacks on citizens of Goslar occurred, and eventually the dispute wound up in court. Imperial scribe Bernhard Hongimacher details the events in an orderly, narrative way, with witness testimony, including statements from the forensic team who dug up the grounds of Schöningen, looking for Dellinghausen. Many bodies were found, all of which were disinterred and reburied on hallowed ground, but Dellinghausen was not among them. It is unclear what the final result of the trial was—these records seem to have vanished from the record. Perhaps they are with Konrad. Our copy of the Abdruck eins Instruments is most remarkable for its original, unbound pre-retail state: a single full sheet, folded once horizontally, plus another half sheet, just as the work appeared when it was pulled from the forme; before falling into the hands of a binder to be stacked, folded, sewn in a single nested gathering, trimmed, and bound, likely with other slender volumes. Worth study as a legal work concerned with an early corpus delicti case; as a tangential tale of Diet of Augsburg intrigue; and as a snapshot of a seldom-seen stage of the printing process.

Full title:  Abdruck Eins Jnſtru | ments/ Sachſiſcher ſprachen/ darinn | eygentlich vermeldt/ inn was geſtalt weilent der hoch | gelart Doctor Cunradt Dellinghuſen/ der Stat Goß | lar Aduocat vnd diener/ ſo durch heymlich practicken | vñ anſchlege Hertzog Heinrichs/ der ſich genennet hat | den Jüngern võ Braunſchweig/ in Keyſerlichem Ge | leyd/ nidergeworffen/ hinweg gefürt/ vnd bößlich | vmpracht/ zů Scheynungen im Schloß in dem || wal/ in gegenwirtigkeyt viler trefflicher leutt | gefunden/ außgraben/ vnd daſelbst in | die pfarkirchen ehrlichen getra= | gen/ vnd zur erden be= | ſtattet sei.

Marburg: Christian Egenolff, 1542.

Quarto, 420 x 310 mm (full sheet), 320 x 205 mm (half sheet); A6, [12] pp. Full sheet imposed in quarto, folded only once horizontally, plus a quarto half-sheet sheet. Untrimmed and unopened. No watermark in evidence. Toning and minor staining, otherwise a fine survival.

VD16 H4752 (six copies, all in German libraries, all bound); USTC 608007.

Item #231

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